5 Small Ways to Improve Your Writing

I'm not a pro-writer, but I'm constantly trying to improve and develop my writing skills. I wouldn't have got where I am today without learning from others, and I want to try and help people in the same way. So, here are 5 small ways which I have found effective: 1- Show not tell This... Continue Reading →


February Reading Wrap-Up / Why it’s so hard to read sometimes?

I wasn't planning on even doing a reading wrap-up post for last month, but here it is. I read two books, which I don't find impressive at all, but I have my reasons. The two books were: Deception by Teri Terry 4 Stars | Review A Thousand Perfect Notes by C.G.Drews 5 Stars | Review... Continue Reading →

January Reading Wrap-Up

So, it's February already? What? January has felt really short for me, but luckily I did get some reading done. I started out the month with a goal to read 5 books (see January tbr) and although I didn't read all of the specific ones on my list, I did read 5 books in total.... Continue Reading →

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