The Rising Author Tag

It seems to be turning in to a trend, but here's another tag that I wasn't actually tagged to do. Today I am doing the Rising Author Tag, which means I'd also like to point out I'm not a published author (yet) but I call myself a writer and I am working really hard on... Continue Reading →


Bare Your Bookshelf Tag

I hope no one minds that I'm doing yet another book related tag. I just love doing them and there is so many interesting ones! I'm actually adopting a 'to do' list with tags on it. Today's tag I found through Rain @ BookDragonism, but I believe the tag originally came from (correct me if... Continue Reading →

About the Blogger

Today's blog post is going to be a bit more about who I am. I saw this idea on Sara @ The Bibliophagist 's page and thought it would be a nice post to do as I've just started out on the blogging scene. I believe the idea was originally from Bethany @ Bibliophile’s Binge. --... Continue Reading →

Blog Name Change!

Although, I've only been running this blog for a few weeks now, I've decided to change my blog name. At the start of setting things up I wasn't really sure what it was going to turn out like. I was going to do a lot more of a mixture of things about a lot of... Continue Reading →

Currently Reading Book Tag

I wasn't tagged but I came across this book tag when having a look at AudrasBookBlabbing blog, and decided to have a go! (I don't know who actually originally came up with the tag but thank you to them.) 1) How many books do you usually read at once? Usually one, I like to focus... Continue Reading →

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